httq is now ABQ Web Geeks

But don’t worry! Everything will be the same. We will still be on the first Wednesday of every month at 6:30pm. We will still have awesome presenters to talk to you about some cool topic related to the web. There will still be announcements on the httq website, twitter and facebook accounts for a few months while we make sure no one gets lost in the transition to the new name.

The name ‘httq’ never really seemed to stick with what the group is or who in the community we are working with. The new name is hopefully more clear about who we are seeking to help within the Albuquerque community.

The new name is, ABQ Web Geeks. We will be working more closely with the already existing social group of the same name that happens on the third Wednesday of the month. Thanks to Lori Patton(@sn0flke) for the awesome new logo!

If you are on our newsletter already everything with that is easily transferred so no change there. We have a fancy new site up over at and a Facebook group at or on Twitter at

Something Drupal this way comes…

A new version of Drupal is coming soon and Mark has been traveling around to learn more about it. Join us as he talks about the great new features to the platform which will help you set up your site. Also he will show some of the pragmatic changes to the platform that will greatly affect how you build your site.


About the presenter:
Mark CasiasMark Casias is a long time web developer who in his spare time contributes to the Drupal core project and has contributed modules. Also, he helps run a very awesome web group in Albuquerque and is co-host of the Duke City Tech podcast.

Digging, Debugging with Brian Arnold

You’re putting your application together, but now you’re getting some sort of weird errors, and you’re not exactly sure where the heck to start looking. Did you mess something up, or are you bringing in some plugin that might be broken in a weird way that only you’ve hit?

Having spent the last few years debugging code that he didn’t write, Brian will show you how to dig into code using the latest developer tools in today’s browsers in order to find and fix (or at least isolate) what’s broken. We’ll be using the console along with DOM inspection and source viewing to resolve all the things, including some tips and tricks for working with and debugging AMD modules!


About the presenter:

Brian ArnoldBrian Arnold is a Senior Software Engineer at Bazaarvoice. Prior to that, he was the Lead Support Engineer at SitePen, where he spent years digging through and fixing code for a wide variety of clients.

Self-Directed Learning Patterns with Geoff Petrie

Many people have the misunderstanding that developers work in a field that is black and white. That each challenge we face has a simple and natural solution. We in the industry know that this is completely untrue.

In order to maintain our edge must be proactive with our continued education and professional development.

Never has there been a time where learning resources are so readily available. The only thing that limits your educational pursuits is the time you can commit to them. This is an amazing time to be self-directed in your learning.

In Self-Directed Learning Patterns we’ll discuss the various resources available and ways to take advantage of them for your educational growth and professional development.

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About the presenter:

Geoff Petrie

Geoff Petrie was born to the wilds of the great white north. Eventually, growing tired of the endless days and nights depending on the season, he rode a dog-sled from the frozen tundra to the desolate, post-apocalyptic southwest. Here he has stayed.  Computering is not only the thing he does to have food, shelter and clothing, but it is something that he is so passionate about that he will happily talk with you on the subject for several minutes back to back!

#NOSPEC & Outsourcing

#NOSPEC & Outsourcing

How these issues affect your opportunities & community

How do you keep your opportunities in reach when so many businesses seek out cheap labor overseas, or call on crowdsourcing for “more options”? Spec (speculative) work, contests, competitions, pro-bono , and a little bit about outsourcing, it’s affecting the industries of graphic designers, photographers, developers, and writers.

Learn about how you can enter into client projects with full engagement to show your value and worth, and become aware of all potential risks of speculative work, and find solutions to keep our growing community strong, to create an awareness of the talent within reach.

About the Presenter:

lori-pattonLori is a veteran, a Navy Reservist, a lover of punk, a mentor and educator, the President of AIGA New Mexico and a life-long student of design. Working independently in Albuquerque, Lori stays active and connected with her community, peers and design.

Print is Forever : Tools to Ensure Your Fancy-Web-Creation-Dot-Com Will Translate to the World of Ink and Paper

Print is here to stay! …But increasingly it has become easier, faster, and cheaper to create a presence online without producing any printed materials at first. Then, when your web-based venture is wildly successful—congratulations!you’ll likely need to gracefully navigate into the printed world, and thoughtful design consideration from the outset will ensure a smooth transition. From color and typeface choices, to vector-based-graphics, to visual arrangements and stylistic elements, the identity you present online can (and should) be crafted to be ready for the switch to print.

About the Presenter
Elizabeth ArnoldBeth has been spreading her bike-centric, tree-hugging, greenie-weenie design ethos across Burque under the not-at-all-secret alias Mixed Greens Design since 2009. She was trained in Industrial Design, but her focus for the past several years has shifted to include primarily logo and identity design. She has delivered projects ranging in scope from mom-&-pop-shop event flyers to an award winning family history book, and has found her close working relationships with small, local businesses to be deeply rewarding.  More recently, Beth has begun venturing into the wild world of web design and finding that it, like print design, is full of frustrating challenges (dangit!) and triumphant successes (yay!).

July 3rd, 2013

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Track, Report & Optimize Your Web Creations

You create a cool web experience using cutting-edge tools and techniques.  Then some green-eyeshade-wearing bean-counter — who admittedly paid for it — inevitably wants to know if anyone’s using your site/app/feature, and how it can do more for his bottom line.  That’s where web analytics and conversion optimization come in.  Peter Howley from the ABQ office of Google Analytics Certified Partner Empirical Path will present techniques to track visitor interactions with rich user experiences that don’t follow the traditional URL-to-URL path. He’ll review how to roll up, segment, and deliver that tracking as reports that a marketer and accountant can understand.  And he’ll show techniques to get more widgets/signups/donations/shares from key pages on sites and apps via split testing.

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About our Sponsor:

We are currently looking for a sponsor for this event. If you would like to sponsor please send us an email at [email protected]

About the presenter

Peter Howley, a seasoned consultant, strategist, and manager.  Howley has advised diverse organizations — from household names to startups — in media, finance, retail, not-for-profit, and government.

Howley developed Empirical Path’s data-driven approach while at strategy consultancy Bain & Company and in the MBA Program at Harvard Business School.  He started the Business Research and Analysis practice at social marketing firm Noral Group International. not just for beginners

Karen Arnold will show you how to harness the power of for your clients. From a simple solution for clients with a small budget to the simplicity of with powerful customizations for Enterprise sites. Learn about some of the ways you can use to expand your WordPress offerings. Prepare to be amazed!
This month’s event is sponsored, not surprisingly, by
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About the Speaker


Karen Arnold works for Automattic, the folks that make She’s an organizer of the Albuquerque WordPress Meetup group and helps to organize WordCamp ABQ. Before she worked for Automattic she ran a small web shop that specialized in small business websites.”

Words and Pictures: Creating Kick-Ass Content for the Web

Veteran marketer/designer Allison Rae will present a simple, step-by-step approach for web developers and designers to create stunning, message-driven content that rivals your brilliant code. Allison incorporates marketing strategy into every aspect of her design work and will share tips and tools you can adapt to your own projects right away.

About the speaker

Allison Rae’s career in marketing communications spans nearly three decades. Her clients have included well-known Fortune and Inc. companies as well as private firms and public-sector agencies. She’s passionate about empowering entrepreneurs, executives, professionals and emerging leaders with the services and training needed to create a vibrant, effective presence across all media. You can find her work at

About the sponsor

petroglyph-logoV3taggedPetroglyph Creative is an independent website developer working in ExpressionEngine and Open Source CMS, right here in Albuquerque.
For more info check out their website,